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"Pamper Me Panda" Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Imagine a perky panda with open arms waiting to embrace that newborn after a bath! Our delightful panda hooded bath robe for baby makes tub time "zoo-per" fun!

Our Price: $32.00
"Showers and Flowers" Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Watch baby blossom after every bath! The first time mom sees that freshly washed, sweet face framed in flower-pink petals, with a leafy tie to keep her cozy, she'll want to have a camera handy. A moment like that comes once in a lifetime!

Our Price: $32.00
Cuddly Clean Koala Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

After an exhilarating tub time, this fuzzy-eared koala hooded bath robe for baby will keep every inch of that adorable newborn warm and dry in an Aussie minute! Rub-a-dub-dub, mate!

Our Price: $32.00
"Splash-a-saurus" Dinosaur Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, they were nowhere near this huggable! A new baby is in for some prehistoric pampering after every bath--just tell the new mom and dad you dinosaur it--and knew baby had to have it!

Our Price: $32.00
"Wash & Waddle" Penguin Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

The only thing cuter than this cozy, hooded penguin spa robe is the little one who's wearing it! Those chilly, water-loving waddlers warm everyone's heart, and our penguin spa robe keeps baby warm, too!

Our Price: $32.00
"Barnyard Bathtime" Chicken Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Whoever gets a visit from this eggs-traordinary chick is one clucky newborn!  Talk about taking a little one under your wing! 's chicken spa towel is making a big splash during every barnyard bathtime!

Our Price: $32.00
"Little Princess" Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Treat your little princess to a relaxing day at the spa. 's adorably detailed "Little Princess" Hooded Spa Robe features a pretty princess crown applique on the hood. From crown to glass slipper, this sweet gift will keep baby girl snuggly soft and toasty warm after a dip in her royal bath.

Our Price: $32.00
"Squeaky Clean" Mouse Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

We promise you the new mom and dad will want this silly, squeaky mouse in their house! Every detail on 's adorable hooded mouse robe, from the pink pompom nose to the lovably large ears, is designed to remind everyone who's "the big cheese" in the house these days.

Our Price: $32.00
"Rub-a-dub, Fox in the Tub" Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Create a burrow of snuggly softness for baby after every bath with 's "Rub-a-Dub, Fox in the Tub" Hooded Spa Robe. Baby will be cozy and warm in this absolutely charming bath time essential.

Our Price: $32.00
"Born to be Wild" Monkey Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Even monkeys in the jungle wear hooded spa robes after taking a dip in the lagoon. Apparently, their best baby gifts look just like this! And all moms want their kids to be toasty-warm after a bath. Available personalized.

Our Price: $32.00
Bathtime Bow Wow Puppy Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Every little boy needs a dog, and this puppy hooded spa robe has long sleeves to embrace him and a tail to wag every time he gets out of the tub! Perfect for personalization, this comfy terrycloth robe won't be "ruff" on baby boy's soft skin. Bow "wow," indeed!

Our Price: $32.00
Baby's Bathtime Bunny Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

Bunny-beautiful hooded bath robe is sure to make that little girl very "hoppy!" From the big bunny ears to the fluffy tail, this adorable terrycloth tub attire can be personalized, and baby girl will be wrapped up in delightful bunny style!

Our Price: $32.00